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EFNMR2015 Long Range Locator - First to use EFNMR Frequencies!

The EFNMR2015 system uses earth field resonate frequencies. The unit is set to the magnetic field of the earth in the area you are hunting. This is done by the NT magnetic field value and once set, the instrument calibrates all element frequencies for that area.


This is a professional unit and you should have a good background in using Long Range Locating equipment. I do not use sine or square wave signals. I designed my own signal and works very well with body response.


I was also the first to use combined frequencies for mixed elements. I can calculate a frequency from a chemical formula.


You are purchasing the very best long range equipment packed with features not seen in high dollar systems. With over 30 years of testing and experience, I have designed the EFNMR2015 system.


There is a reason my equipment is being copied. Because it works! There are many factors involved in using and tracking a line to a target. Of course the copied products are junk! They are only using my logo and name to make a quick dollar. You can only purchase my products from me. No one else sells my equipment.


Why this system?


This is the only system that adjust the frequency for the element you are searching for by location.


The frequency used by this type of equipment is affected by the magnetic field the target is in.


The magnetic field of the earth changes from location to location, from country to country!


If you are using one fixed frequency for any element, you are wasting your time.


As the magnetic field strength changes, so does the frequency.



Note: Rods do not come with unit...


Price $3000.00


Recently found using EFNMR.

My rods are machined. The handle is made of 1/4" brass rod with an antenna element up to 24" in length. You can adjust the length for your liking.


The rod can fold and fit in your pocket. The 1/4" handle works great on a windy day giving you more control of your response.


Easy to use and store. Get one while supplies last.


Price $75.00


Purchase compound frequencies.