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Long Range Locator

EFNMR2015 Generator

"Earth Field NMR"

This unit is for seasoned/professional dowsers and users of LRL/MFD systems. Free training on the unit is offered. The price is for the unit only NO RODS. 


LRL/MFD systems are very controversial. Yet there are many people that use LRL/MFD systems. Before you purchase this unit or any LRL/MFD unit you should understand that dowsing using generators has not been proven to work by science. Still many use and locate objects with generators and dowsing. The EFNMR2015 is a frequency generator with 10 elements programed to the earths magnetic field.. I am the only one that I know of that offers a 10 day trail with a 15% restocking fee on my LRL units. If you have any questions you can reach me from the contact page. This unit is designed for the dowsing response.


Before you buy this unit or any long range unit please read this.                                   


 Advance TV Methods     Video

 Correctly marking signal lines

EWC and Target Tracking






The EFNMR2015 is the first generator of it's kind to use NMR frequencies calculated for the earths magnetic field. Set the NT value of the earths field for the area you want to search, and your ready. The NT value sets all elements listed to the earths field in the area. The unit comes with 10 preset elements isotopes and 10 store and recall for combined frequencies. The menu system allows you to set NT, and combined frequencies along with recalling elements. The control knob has Menu, IC "image correction", ICS "IC Scan" and TV "Target verify", x10 harmonic and Adjust from 1Hz to 32k in steps of 1hz for testing. All modes except TV use EWC.


Element isotopes are; 197 Au, 107 Ag, 109 Ag, 63 Cu, 65 Cu, 207 Pb, 195 Pt, 105 Pd, 57 Fe, 27 Al, 29 Si, 13 C, 115 Sn, 117 Sn, 119 Sn and 67 Zn. These are the most usable isotopes. If you want a differnt isotope list, you can always request at ordering.


Example of compounds: Table Salt (ClNa)  - Aspirin (C9H8O4)


Video of the LRL500 decreasing rings and moving lines to the target area. Same applies to the EFNMR2015 system.




* Improved internal antenna design

* Uses Frequencies from the EFNMR Program

* Low battery indicator

* Improved EWC control "Electronic Weight Cancel"

* IC "Image Correction" Mode

* New ICS "scan" Mode

* 2 line LCD

* LCD Backlight

* High/Low Power output select

* Earth Field NT value setting for all elements

* 16 Most common metal elements

* 10 store and recall for combined compound/alloys

* 3 Button menu system

* TV "target verify" Mode

* Frequency Adjust "for testing"

* WF "Weight Factor Setting 1-10"

* 5 Year Warranty

* Free Firmware Upgrades

* LRL500 upgradable to EFNMR2015 unit


EFNMR excel sheet for use in any app that can display excel. The excel EFNMR does the same as the computer program but can be used in a phone or pad. The list in yellow is used for the new EFNMR2015 unit. By setting the nt to 50000, then use the number on the left of the decimal for compound/alloys in the unit. The frequency is shown in the green field.


IC was designed to correct for the earths changing field. IC can only be found on my units. IC is a signal type designed by me for my systems only.


This excel file comes with the purchase of the EFNMR unit.


Like the computer program, put the nt value in and it sets all the known elements for that area.


I use DocsToGo for Iphone and Ipad.


After getting many request for this excel file, I decided to allow purchasing of the file. If you use your own system, This file will run in any excel program on your phone or ipad. Price: $20.00 Use the paypal button to purchase and include your email and full name. I will send you a zip file with password.