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EFNMR2015 Long Range Locator - First to use EFNMR Frequencies!

The EFNMR system can store up to 10 compound frequencies. If you are in need of a frequency for a compound like drugs, gem stones or any mixture of elements.


Here are a few examples:

Propane "C3H8" EFNMR 1903

Carbon Dioxide "CO2" EFNMR 1788

Aspirin "C9H8O4" EFNMR 6999


Above you see the compound name, chemical formula and the EFNMR number that's used in the compound section of the EFNMR2015 unit. If you own an EFNMR unit you can buy a large 2 liter soft drink and shake it up to release the gas "keep cap on". Use the CO2 compound and test the frequency.


Once the EFNMR number is set, recall that location and the frequency will automatically set with the location NT value you put in for the location you are searching.


I charge 20.00 US for a compound frequency. 2 frequencies will be sent for 20.00. The standard and the mole frequency for that formula.


To order compound frequencies, you need to contact me by email with the chemical formula of the compound.


The EFNMR numbers are only usable with my system.


You can find most formulas here webmineral.


Pubchem has a very large data base.


The reason why you may find something other that the element you are searching for, is because of a matrix of elements combined are near the frequency you are set for. You will hit that target because those combined elements frequency is close or at the frequency you have set.



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