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Around the 80s, electronic engineers from Brasil and later from other countries manufactured the first PD, a device that belongs to the Long Range Locator category.
One may ask why are PDs so special and different from the other LRLs.
The first reason is, because of the difficult they have not only to be build , but also to be calibrated and setting, witch means that engineers who are specialied
 on these devices and have full knowledge of their mechanisms are required.
The second reason is the manufactures secrecy about the extreme calibrations settings with real test target.

The first time that those secrets were revealed was 2009 when a PD model from Brasil was introduced to forums worldwide and the analysis of the
 full schematics and circuits and diagram inside were finally available to everyone.
Unfortunately this model was a disappointment as a real clone
Two years later Andreas Chrisospathis,  build another prototype with exceptional results on finding all kind of old buried metals.

This  prototype became the full for Andreas Chrisospathis to start the manufacturing of a PD witch detect only Gold.
In 2014 that the first PD only for Gold was finished  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1alvya5uNW0.

After two years required for testing and modifications and many efforts to make a device that is easy to use. This is PDGOLD. A real clone PD with new design
schematics and circuits. This is finally ready for production.

Only by using one knob and not taking longer than oe minute, the user is able to change the setting each time the location is changed. It is a major factor  the PD is being set near our search field and always right before pur treasure hunting begins if we want to have successful results.

But why do we have to make the effort to change our settings every time before using our device and not have default calibration settings by the builder like every other LRL? The answer to this question is, because of the magnetic and electric fields of the earth that not only do they change depending the different locations, but
 also the different hours through the day.

The material of the boxis also important as real working circuits and Gold sensor.
The best solution is using plastic such as abs or pvc , wich is a low cost and an easy to be find material.. After experiments with 3D printers unfortunately that's is not the right solution.  After having several experiments we came to the realization that plastics has some critical errors.

Plastics cases etc it's adsorbs the real signal and it easily creates static fields, which attributes to minimum results. Having tested other materials such as acrykic, polyester, type woods, we came to the conclusion that only wood offers the best result, but still that depends on that kind of wood we use (different wood = different quality).

Our winner is a kind of wood from the MDF category called OSB which can be found only with a 10mm minimum thickness. Tha why a special order of OSB wood with a 3mm thickness is required.

The dream of a PD only for Gold has became true. This is PDGOLD. We have tried and we have achieved to create a device which is a small as possible and still have
the best detecting results in the market industry.




PDGOLD and OBMD series models Crypton are not  complementary. OBMD series models work via IR absorption signal from a target.


PDGOLD work  with transmitter and receiver. Transmitter stimulate the target and receiver "read" if is Gold or not. If is Gold we have alarm. We have full difference philoshophy working.

PDGOLD detector  can locate old gold buried for many years.

PDGOLD can  function in houses or fields where there are power lines of medium and high voltages, but inside houses AC voltage sometimes make a reflector false signal and PDGOLD receiver work with very low sensitivity.

PDGOLD locate only  Gold. This is the our target after many years experiments and study.

PDGOLD  cannot locate other metals like silver, copper, bronze, iron, zinc, but if we have silver with gold or copper with gold (for example coins), unit can detect this Gold inside coins.

PDGOLD can be used inside a house containing furniture, electric equipment, computers, telephones and televisions but, maybe,
make a mute if reflector signal via transmitter is strong. Better when working outside.

PDGOLD range distance detection is linear with mass Gold and years buried. Our experiments we working with maximum mass 200gr Gold  in a free electric cables field and range 30-40 meters. If the gold is  or more we have more range detection,  but we don't know the maximum range. Logical is  100 meters or more in a free field or a  field as desert with a real big mass treasure. We know well only the maximum depth. This is 11 meters for very old buried target.

PDGOLD never testing for detection Gold nuggets, because, we have not a real field with nuggets for make experiments.

PDGOLD  is the first real Gold detector. The success is Gold sensor can setting by user in field and reject all  externals other signals very easy via calibration one minute.



Operating Temperatures

-23º F (-5º C) to 122º F (50º C)



To 95% noncondensing


Audio Frequency



Transmitter frequency

435KHZ modulation 690HZ  


Tuning PD

Via user in the field




LED Alert Lights

 Green: Power ON and  Batteries work fine

 Green: Power OFF need replace batteries, Battery are LOW

 Red: ALARM LOCK target



Power switch (On / Off )

Calibration Gold sensor



Two Batteries 9 volt  provides up to 10 hours of use


Depth detection

Up to 11 meters depth



Maximum range 50 meters distance for gold mass <1kgr


Material box

special OSD 3mm wood