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OBMD-3 Long Range Locator


Video OBMD-3 locating gold and silver



SIZE: 170 mm width, 235 mm height, 48 mm depth


WEIGHT: 680g with batteries


POWER SUPPLY: 3 alkaline 9V batteries


DETECTION: Gold-silver-copper depending on the amount of each metal


Maximum detection distance: 60 meters for detection by day and more than 80 meters detection at night




Electronic circuits:Three receivers and one transmitter lens and first infrared receiver - emission is completely controlled by the infrared receiver


Second receiver is fully controlled by the user


Third receiver is automatically tuned to the generator


Low indication for each battery separately


Enclosure: Wood for the rejection of static loads and for thermal insulation of electronic circuits

Model OBMD-3


Retail $5500.00


Contact for best Price

Upgrade information:


If you are interested in upgrading your OBMD-2 to the new OBMD-3 contact me for details! Upgrade price is $1150.00 + your OBMD-2.


Do not send me your unit! Contact me for Details!


The OBMD-3 is very stable and can detect greater distance than the OBMD-2. The unit has a Gold LED for indication if the target is Gold. Very easy to set with only 2 knobs, gain and setup. The OBMD-3 has a new improved sensor for gold. Like the OBMD-2 unit, target must be 40+ years old for detection. Unit is designed to detect old gold buried in the ground for many years.The unit will also detect silver and copper.


Unit is ready. Are you ready?