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Model OBMD-2


Retail $5000.00


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SIZE: 170 mm width, 235 mm height, 48 mm depth


WEIGHT: 680g with batteries


POWER SUPPLY: 3 alkaline 9V batteries


DETECTION: Gold-silver-copper depending on the amount of each metal


Maximum detection distance: 60 meters for detection by day and more than 80 meters detection at night




Electronic circuits:Three receivers and one transmitter lens and first infrared receiver - emission is completely controlled by the infrared receiver


Second receiver is fully controlled by the user


Third receiver is automatically tuned to the generator


Low indication for each battery separately


Enclosure: Wood for the rejection of static loads and for thermal insulation of electronic circuits

Crypton OBMD-2 Long Range Locator

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The Crypton OBMD-2 is the natural evolution of our first model OBMD-1. The basic platform was created with improvements that were reqested by our customers who tested the Crypton locators in the treasure hunting fields. The Crypton OBMD-2 has double the detection range and depth of the Crypton OBMD-1,  with a full set of adjustments for the detection of gold and silver. The OBMD-2 is a smaller overall size,  weighing only 680g (batteries included) for hours of treasure hunting without fatigue to make it the top long range detector model available today.


All long range detectors need a critical precision adjustment in order to function properly. The problem with these adjustments is that any change in external factors (for example, the different magnetic field of each location or the change of temperature or humidity) can make the adjustments useless, leaving the user with a device that cannot detect treasures well in his location. The standard practice of LRL manufacturers is to seal the circuit adjustments with various materials, usually resin or epoxy to protect against attempts circuit replication and to keep the calibration adjustments from changing. These protective materials work well to prevent copying circuits, but With the contraction and expansion that occurs in these materials over a period of time, the critical adjustments are changed and allow the locator to drift out of calibration. Another disadvantage is that manufacturers adjust their locators in their laboratory, resulting in a sharp decline in performance when their locator is taken to a new location in other countries, because of differences in the magnetic field and climate. The epoxy seal makes it impossible to re-calibrate the locator to optimum performance at the new treasure hunting location.


The Crypton OBMD-2 has none of these disadvantages. The basic critical settings we make at the factory can easily be adjusted by the user without any knowledge of electronics required. The Crypton OBMD-2 has a control that can increase the sensitivity more than 10 times to adjust the stability of the signal, to tune,  to reject false signals from the magnetic lines, etc. In short, the user can adjust the device as we do at the factory, without needing to send it to us to be calibrated for their different treasure hunting conditions. The Crypton OBMD-2 operates at a very slow scan speed in the field to detect a target.


The Crypton OBMD-2 can work seamlessly with a ground signal generator for even better detection of targets that are excited by the generator. Any treasure hunter who has a signal generator with an output greater than 10W RMS and bandwidth 1Hz-100kHz can use it in conjunction with OBMD-2.