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LRL500 Long Range Locator "Generator"


This unit is for seasoned/professional dowsers and users of LRL/MFD systems. Free training on the unit is offered. The price is for the unit only NO RODS. 


LRL/MFD systems are very controversial. Yet there are many people that use LRL/MFD systems. Before you purchase this unit or any LRL/MFD unit you should understand that dowsing using generators has not been proven to work by science. Still many use and locate objects with generators and dowsing. The LRL500 is a frequency generator with a range from 8.7hz to 500hz. I offer a 10 day trail with a 15% restocking fee on these units. If you have any questions you can reach me from the contact page. This unit is designed for the dowsing response.


Advance TV Methods





Seahorse Case 

16 Store/Recall Frequency Positions

16x1 LCD Display with Backlight

Output Signal Test LED

Low Battery LED Indicator

Square Wave/Image Correction Switch

(EWC) Electronic Weight Cancel Adjustment

Metal/Mineral Rotary Select Switch

Unit uses 12vdc 8-AA Batteries "The LRL500 now uses normal AA batteries. "The charge circuit has been removed. Battery life time is very good."

Up/Down Frequency Adjustment Buttons (8.7hz to 500hz)

Frequency Store Button

Bank Switch to select between bank (A) and bank (B)

High/Low Output Signal Switch

Internal Coil Antenna


UNIT does NOT COME with RODS....


Use EFNMR program for frequencies....


Before you buy any long range locator please read this...

Free Software Updates under Warranty: Because the heart of the LRL500 is a programmable micro-controller, updates are free under warranty. I listen to my customers. I have increased EWC from 5 to 10 because some could not cancel certain targets. Free update means, if  IC or EWC would have to be changed to improve performance, you don't have to buy another unit, just update with the new firmware, saving you money!


Current Update . . . . . . . .(EWC) Weight Factor increase from 5 to 10. This will be the last update on EWC.


The list of metal/minerals are: Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, Iron, Diamond, Emerald and Misc. setting. If you want to change to your own list, let me know when ordering.


Image Correction (IC) is a signal unlike the standard MFD waveforms. Designed from test done on body response, users report lines moving/correcting to the true target area. IC helps you not to be affected by false images also known as coupons/matrixes or ghost signals. Adjust for changing earths magnetic field.


Electronic Weight Cancel (EWC) is used to knock out the remaining rings near and around the target area. Remember rings cause metals/minerals to mimic the true target. By adjusting the EWC up the remaining ring/rings will collapse into the target area. If you keep adjusting up, the image of the target will cancel completely depending on the size/mass. Adjusting to the point before canceling the target image, you leave in a very small area above the target and increased pin-pointing greatly.


Retail $2000.00       Contact me for quote...

  • 5 year warranty    
  • Free support
  • Customer references available


Video of the LRL500 decreasing rings and moving lines to the target area.


Download LRL500 Manual

Gold coins recovered using LRL500. If you made a recovery and want to share photos no information will be shown. Please send in photos and I will add them here.