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Please check out my products. I was the first to bring imaging to metal detectors with the arc-geo loggers. I designed and build these myself. If you have any questions please email me from the contact page. Thanks for visting my site and hope you find the big one! These loggers are proven in the field since 2003! Made in the USA. 5 year warranty. Go with the first in metal detecting imaging, go with the Arc-Geo logging systems! The loggers can be used with other instruments.



Turn your metal detector into an imaging system fast and easy with the Arc-Geo Logger imaging systems!


The Arc-gor logger and Pro Logger can log in real time.


Don't limit yourself with high dollar detectors that log.


Any instrument with an audio output with a headphone jack will work with the loggers.


Magnetometers, metal detectors, pulse units all work with the logger.


Now you can see a map of the metal in the area you are searching.


Still the best value for your money...



How do the loggers work? Read more..



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Gold coins located with the LRL500! I recieved this picture from a customer of these awesome gold coins this week. If you have located and recovered using the LRL500 or EFNMR2015 units, send me a photo. No information  or locations will be displayed only pictures. See More





5 YEAR WARRANTY ON MY PRODUCTS!  No one else will offer that!

I'm the only one that offers a 10 day trial time on long range!