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Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting 

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Test plot.

The Arc-Geo units use the sound from any instrument and converts it to data for logging. The loggers stores the data against a grid pattern you set. Then the data is downloaded to the computer for viewing. The arc geo systems are not limited to metal detectors but any instrument with a sound output can be logged. The sample size is the size of the coil you are using. For a 2 box detector the sample size is 1 yard. For the depth and ease of use and real time, you won't find anything on the net that will match for the price! First in metal detector imaging!


Setup: You need to connect the cable from the headphone jack on the detector/instrument to the logger. First you need to setup your grid. This is done with small ropes marked every yard or meter. You start at one corner and walk down, then turn around and walk back down the next row. This is repeated until the grid is complete.

Here is a grid setup for a test to determine if minerals can be canceled. The silver anomally video showed 3 plots using ground resistivity and metal detectors. All showed a large mass. You can view the video on youtube. Check out my video page.  He took samples of the silver anomally and placed it in the grid with a milk can buried 5.5 feet shown to see if it could be canceled.

This test was done with the XL-500 Garrett pulse detector. You can see the bags of minerals in the plot along with the milk can. You can see other metal targets in the plot that are unknown.


This was done using a 18" coil. The milk can is 5.5 feet and it was a strong signal.


Move your mouse over the plots for 3D.

The Garrett 2-box detector canceled the minerals and the milk can showed up even stronger. I want to say that ground resistivity was used and the minerals still showed up. If you have a repeatable target using different instruments, and unless you can determine if it's minerals, it may turn out to be a mineral pocket of some type.

Here is the resistivity plot from the silver site. I want to point out that you can use the GCG unit with any of the Arc Geo systems to see deep into the ground for caves and other anomalies.


The GCG connects the same way to the logger. The plot on the left was done using 2 probes. The GCG can give you added information on a site.

Many different detectors can be used with the loggers. Here they are using the TM-808, Fisher 2 box and a Whites handheld. You can also use a mag.


The learning curve is very short and in time you will be finding some deep stuff! If you need help with the software or the logger, give me a call at anytime.


Thanks to Bob Burden for his test and plots.


Good luck and good hunting!