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Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting 

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Crypton Long Range Locators

Crypton OBMD-2


The Crypton OBMD-2 is the natural evolution of our first model, OBMD-1.


It has double detection range and double detection depth from Crypton OBMD-1 and a adjustment possibility exclusively by the user for the area. Gold-silver by priority, then copper/brass.



Watch  for fresh gold locator by Crypton!



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Customers have send pictures in of their finds using the Crypton OBMD-2 LRL. Here are some pictures of these finds. More will be added as they come in.


If you have a crypton and have pictures to share send them to me.

Crypton Finds From Customers

In the field of cryptography, Crypton is a block cipher. For you, Crypton is a reliable electronic device to decrypt and find the location where an old treasure is buried. And it makes sense. When you own a Crypton device you have the key to decrypt the location. The purpose of our electronic device is to find a signal from the hidden treasure in order locate it and recover it. We made a formal presentation in August 2011 showing the first real long range Detector OBMD-1.


This was our first model of a series of professional Crypton detectors, the first of all the future Crypton products. The OBMD-1 was the result of testing and development that took place over twenty years to create something simple, compact and reliable for you ....


The Crypton series of detectors is the biggest rival of all LRLs available because they are the best of all LRLs the global market. It is truly a long range metal detector. It is the only detector that any treasure hunter can use to find old buried gold, silver, and copper relics, and know that the device actually works. Take a series of Crypton OBMD locators and go treasure hunting in an area that is known to have old buried objects. You can find the treasure and confirm the location with a metal detector. Then you will understand how much your Crypton locator offers for such a mimimal investment.


The Crypton hunting method is based on the idea that the treasure hunter ofthen will use a standard metal detector (PI or VLF) during the treasure hunt. We can now find the location of the treasure within a meter using the Crypton locator, then pinpoint the exact place to dig the treasure with a metal detector.


The Crypton locator saves you time because you can search a large area effortlessly and discreetly from a long distance, without resorting to using a common metal detector to cover the entire search area. When using the Crypton locator, the conventional metal detector is only used to pinpoint the buried object. Consider the potential when using Crypton locators combined with research and experience while hunting for lost treasures. The purpose of Crypton and all future Crypton models is for unmatched performance in locating a treasure, low weight, ergonomic and stylish design and flexibility in your treasure hunting methods.


All Crypton Long range detectors are based on induction balance of magnetic coils which are fully resonant, and the absorption field found in long distance locating. The fully analog design, precise tuning of inductive coils, and the high-cost wooden construction for thermal and vibration protection sets Crypton Long range locators apart from any other metal detectors in the world market.




Crypton OBMD-3


The Crypton OBMD-3 is the natural evolution of our model, OBMD-2.


New Features include;


* Rock solid and stable signal balance.

* New Gold only LED.

* Simple calibration.

* North to South direction search.


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New Gold PD from Crypton!


Testing is complete and now taking orders.


* Simple Calibration


* Can Detect Fresh and Old Gold


* Loud Beep and Brite LED Indicator


Contact me for availabilty and shipping dates.


Shipping always FREE for Crypton systems!


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