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Daylight visible LCD.

LCD backlight for nighttime use.

SD Card/MMC Slot up to 1g.

Onboard GPS.

200 maximum grids per site. 200 maximum sites. Maximum plot size up to 1000x1000 and any combination of X, Y up to 1000!

GPS grid size limited to memory. 

Select GPS format to store. DD.MM.SS, DD.MM.MM, DD.DDDDD

Append to last grid. To complete or extend.

3 Button menu controls.

+/- Input polarity switch.

Light and easy to carry.

Headphone connection.

Polarity switch for best detector response.

Low battery LCD indication.

Power 8-AA battery pack.

Water proof Seahorse case.

Auto/manual logging mode switch. Auto - samples once a second as you walk.

Log in X,Y or GPS modes.

5-year parts and labor warranty.

Free software updates under warranty.

Real time logging.




The Arc-Geo pro series logger is better than ever! With a built in GPS and SD card, you can now have up to 200 sites and 200 plots within each site! Larger plots are now possible up to 1000x1000! With the 3 button menu system, it is easy to setup and create new sites and files for logging. Append to last log allows you to stop at the end of any row due to bad weather or any reason. Then when the unit is turned back on you will be asked if you want to append to the last log. If you say yes, the last position is shown on the LCD. Starting from there to complete the grid! Now you have the GPS positions of all targets within the plot. What comes with the logger? You will receive the logger and the cable to connect to the detector,  2g SD card. Realtime viewing software comes with the Arc-Geo Pro Series Loggers. Some software that will work with the logger are Rockworks, Suffer, and other geophysical software's.