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Data Port.................USB Mini

LED’S:......................Response Indicators with sound.

Log Modes:..............Manual and Auto "logs one sample a second".


Power off Reminder: After 5 minuets the LED’s will blink and horn will sound.

Grid Size:...................Can add to X side of grid up to maximum memory.

Smart Logic:..............Easy interface by LED and horn control to input commands.

Horn:..........................Short beep = Input, Long beep = Response

Polarity Switch:..........Select the best signal from the detector.



Log/Yes: Used to log and yes select.

Del/No: Used to delete a previous sample and no select.

New/X: Used to start a new plot and set Y during the first row calibration.

D/Load/Dummy: Used to start down load and log a dummy value in manual mode.

Done: Stops and saves the grid data.


LED Indicators…

Log Mode: On shows in log mode and turns off during a sample.

Low Memory: Comes on when the memory reaches 4000 samples.

D/Load Grid: Shows data transfer to computer.

Low Battery: Blinks ~ 1=100%, 2=80%, 3=charge now "blinking"

Signal Level: Shows signal level in normal mode.

Power On/Off: Turns power on and off.

Auto/Manual: Mode to log the grid.


The "AGM" Arc-Geo Mini is an imaging system with included software for metal detectors! The AGM has some of the same features as the Arc-Geo logger plus a few more. The main difference between the two loggers is the AGM logs 1 "one" grid and does not have a LCD display, compared to the Arc-Geo Logger which can log 16 grids all different sizes. But, the AGM has a feature that the Arc-Geo does not have. Because there is no LCD, you have to monitor where you are on the grid with the logger beeps and LED indications. You can stop after any completed "Y" row and save the data, come back and start where you left off! So if it starts raining you can stop the log and continue later. You can build the grid as large as the memory will allow. Once you log the first "Y" row, you can use the auto mode to log the grid. You build the grid as you walk. With each new row the grid grows. Here are the buttons and LED indicators on the AGM.


The Arc-Geo Mini comes with cables and software to get you started. A water tight case is also included for storing. The Arc-Geo Mini can be mounted on the detector with Velcro and easily removed for downloading. Below you see the unit attached to the top of the TF-900 2-box detector. The buttons are easily accessible for logging. Or the unit can attached to the backside of the detector if desired. The Arc-Geo Logger with software is a complete metal detector imaging system capable of logging very large grids. Remember the sample size is the field size of the coil you are using. So a 20x20 grid could be yards, feet or inches! This unit can log a 100x20 yard grid or a 45x45 yard grid. The most important thing you have to do is step in time with each sample beep with the marks on your grid ropes. The only other things you will need is the ropes marked every 3 feet that you form the grid with. For a 2-box and a 3ft PI coil a sample is taken every 3 ft. For a 18" coil a sample is taken every 1.5 ft and so on. The mini does not support real time software.