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LRL/MFD systems are very controversial. Yet there are many people that use LRL/MFD systems. Before you purchase a LRL/MFD unit you should understand that dowsing using generators has not been proven to work by science. Still many use and locate objects with generators and dowsing. If you have any questions you can reach me from the contact page.


This is a helps page. If you have any questions contact me before you buy.



Dowsing has been around for a very long time. Real dowsing is when questions are asked and the operator see a response from the instrument he is using. I don't dowse this way because I don't talk to anyone I can't see. I use my LRL equipment and set for the element I'm searching for and look for a response from the instrument I'm using. Dowsing as I have heard is mind power only. I disagree.


LRL/MFD Generators:


In the 1985 I got involed with MFD. The guts of it is that if you can match the frequency of an element, then you can locate that element. I've done tons of testing using everything know to man and can say there is something to it. It's not as simple as some claim it is so be careful. There are factors involved not just frequency, but temperature and you! You have to learn how to track the signal lines or you will be going in circles. Before you go out and purchase a LRL/MFD system you should at lease test using some coat hangers and holding the sample to see if you can dowse. Try the following.


Make a rod using a coat hanger. Hold a silver coin in your hand and let someone else hide the other silver coin outside. Then try to locate it. Don't think about finding it. Don't think where it may be. Clear your mind and let the rod and sample point to it. This is a good test to see if you have any dowsing ability. This method works for short range. A LRL/MFD will go father.


If you decide you still want to purchase a sytem be careful. There are many high dollar systems that work no better than a low cost system. Ask to contact people that have purchased the system so you can contact them. Also read on forums. Ask about the system you are interested in and see if there are any on the forum that own one.


Guide Lines:


1. If the seller does not have a return policy, don't buy.

2. If the support is not free, don't buy.

3. If you can't find anyone willing to talk to you about the product, don't buy.


Getting started:


If you want to learn about LRL/MFD generators you can purchase a generator and a rod then test for yourself. All rod type LRL/MFD systems are ideo based. Meaning your body has to be part of the system for it to work. In any system theres a control, feedback and reaction. In a metal detector the control is the output signal from the coil, the feedback is the return signal to the coil and the reaction is the sound from the speaker. The same is true when using a LRL/MFD system


The control is the generator, the feedback is your body reacting to the connection between the generator and the target causing a trigger in ideo motor and the reaction is the rod movement. Here is where the problem comes into play using a LRL/MFD system. The feedback part cannot be explained as of yet. But it happens in all dowsing responses. If you use your mind as the control, by thinking of the target the reactions the same. If you use the sample as the control the same is true. Ideo motor is the feedback in all systems.


To test you will need a generator and a rod. For the antenna use a radio shack reed switch coil 275-232. Pull the reed switch out. Connect the coil to the generator output and your ready to test.