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"A Risky Dream" is a series of stories of true hunting adventures in Mexico of a bunch of dream chasers. There is no fiction in the book. These are real stories, of real people risking all to find the big ones in Mexico.




Miguel is a fine friend of over 20 years and risked everything to hunt in Mexico!

Check Miguel's new book out here!

Mr. Bob Brewer is the best guys I know on KGC treasure. I was blessed to go on a trip with him and had a blast! This book is a must read if you are interested in KGC treasure. Bob has been on the Discovery Channel a number of times talking about Jessie James and the KGC!

W. C. Jameson and Tim my son at the 2010 treasure show. Mr. Jameson and his wife are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Jameson has many books out on treasure hunting. He also has many songs he has recorded. Check his site out "click on picture" and let him know I said hi.

A new book by my friend José Antonio Agraz Sandoval. The books about metal detectors and the arc-geo logger. Check it out.