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Arc-Geo Mini KIT includes pc-board, programmed controller, all IC's, box, USB board, USB IC, USB jack, faceplate and parts placement instructions. All other parts can be purchased from digi-key or mouser or your local electronic store.


KIT Price $200.00                                 Pay by Credit Card.

Instructions with pictures and diagrams come with the kit for easy assembly. Parts can be ordered from digi-key and mouser.


SMD parts are not easy to solder so you should be at a level to solder SMD.


Now the mini is availble in kit form with the main parts supplied.


If you put you own equipment together you will have a great time with the mini kit.


The controller has the latest firmware installed.


You will need resistors, caps and some switches and other parts. But for the price you can put a mini together for about 275.00!


Contact me if you have questions.


Orders are filled in the ordered received.


Good hunting!.....


Download the parts PDF.